Strategy is so much more than putting a few digital marketing campaigns together.  We’ll develop a multi-channel marketing plan and communication strategy that targets your ideal customer and nurtures that relationship over time.  A major part of strategic planning is optimizing your sales funnel and building a value ladder to maximizes profits and lifetime value.   Our focus is always on the key metrics and maximizing ROI.  Whether you’re a local business or global enterprise, Trask Media can customize a plan that is right for you.

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"I’ve hired Trask Media to support a variety of marketing and digital projects over the years. They know the industry well and are highly professional and thorough – particularly with the details and the financials."
Chad Smith
Founder - Tradespoke
"I worked with Jeff on the development of a new eCommerce division for a large company. He demonstrated the unique ability to run a successful business while managing a variety of complex technical projects."
Jack Imburgia
Principal - Spearing Software

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